Surgical Partners of Oklahoma

Surgical Partners of Oklahoma

Left to Right: Amy, Kristina, Ashley, Christy, Jordan, Celina, Shannon

Yukon, Oklahoma

Surgical Partners of Oklahoma is a group of surgeons engaged in the practice of general surgery. The specialty of general surgery encompasses a wide spectrum of surgical procedures.

General surgeons not only provide life-saving surgical intervention (appendectomy, abdominal surgery, curative cancer surgery), but also other procedures for repair of hernias, relief from gallbladder dysfunction and other elective surgeries. General surgeons are valuable not only in the eyes of the patients, but also to primary health care providers.

Broad training in diverse areas keeps the general surgeon essential for complete patient care. To most effectively meet the individual needs of each patient, Surgical Partners of Oklahoma is committed to providing the highest standard of care and maintaining the skills to provide the best possible outcome.

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